We are good neighbours.

me&lewis has offices located in Vancouver’s Fairview Slopes neighbourhood, Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood and London, England’s Putney neighbourhood.

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Our clients understand that me&lewis is part of their team. They aren’t afraid to uncover truths about their brand. They are specific about goals and objectives, but allow room for creativity. If this sounds like you, then we think we’re a good fit. To start a conversation, contact Arjan Chima. 

If you want to join our team, check out our latest job postings or send us your resumé and/or portfolio.


300 - 2318 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 4J1
+1 604.733.1514


56 Shaftesbury Avenue
Toronto, ON M4T 1A3
+1 647.346.1040


216 - The Light Bulb
1 Filament Walk
London, UK SW18 4GQ